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PHaR is a project of Animal Help Now, which creates innovative apps that empower the public to save wildlife and companion animals and organizes a diverse community focused on keeping these animals safe from human threats. Animal Help Now is a nonprofit 501-C-3 organization (federal tax ID 27-2034873) PHaR would not be possible without the dedication and contributions of the following individuals:


David Crawford - Director
Software Development
Bill Weatherwax (V) - Coordinator
Frank Vernon (V) - Lead Developer
Larry Shannon - Developer
Christopher Prince (V) - Developer
Elliott Larson (V) - Developer
Chase Olson (V) - Lead Developer
Jignesh S - Developer
Jill Peterson (V) - Lead Developer, Front End
Sid Sachs (V) - Lead Developer, Back End
Sana Azmeh (V) - Developer
User Experience/Interface
Anousha Shadrach (V) - Designer
Lara Tomhave (V) - Lead Designer
Mizuho Hasegawa (V) - Designer
Bai Pai (V) - Designer
Chip Ryan (V)
Andrea Metzger (V)
Karl Hirschmann
Public Relations
Barbara Millman (V)
Valerie Traina (V)
Quality Assurance
Cherie Cassel
Bill Weatherwax (V)
Sharon Gleaves (V)
Outreach and Communications
Julia Jacks (V)
Jill Bielawski (V)
Disti Sanghvi (V)
Special Projects
Brian Field (V)
Dana Stahl
Eric Elie (V)
Darren Berze-Butts (V)
Monica Yates
Kendell Green
Karen Dawson (V)
Human Resources
Shayla Rucker
Casara Andre, DVM
Leslie Irvine, PhD
Brandon Owens, MS
The Estate of Adrienne Lorantos
Best Pets Foundation
Summerlee Foundation
Alan Boles and Susan Osborn
Testers Alison Berry (V)
Barbara Millman (V)
Bob Rose (V)
Brian Field (V)
Casara Andre (V)
Cherie Cassel (V)
Chip Ryan (V)
Chris Stroud (V)
Cipriana Costello (V)
Disti Sanghvi (V)
Dorothy Vernon (V)
Elena Rizzo (V)
Jenny Bryant (V)
Jeribeth Stevens (V)
Jessica Stafford (V)
Julia Jacks (V)
Kelly Marie Osborn (V)
Kendell Green (V)
Koral O'Brien (V)
Larry Shannon (V)
Laura Thomas (V)
Matt Britton (V)
Michelle Sencibaugh (V)
Renee Barker (V)
Roger Campbell (V)
Rosemarie Scott-Griffiths (V)
Sana Azmeh (V)
Sid Sachs (V)
Ted Wood-Prince (V)
Tom Beach (V)
Tori Orr (V)
Valerie Traina (V)
Veronica Moody (V)
Veronica Van Hof (V)

Animal Help Now Board of Directors
Janet Ingvaldsen (V)
David Crawford
Azi Sharif, PhD (V)
(V) = Volunteer

The majority of Animal Help Now’s work is done by volunteers – including executives, software developers, editors, writers and graphic artists – who collectively contribute an average of 200 hours per month to the organization. Many of the people behind Animal Help Now have been advocating for animals for decades. Click here for a full list of Animal Help Now’s paid and unpaid staff and advisors.

For more detail on the organization’s history, click here.

To see a list of our key financial supporters and learn about our corporate partners program, click here.

Animal Help Now thanks our donors, employees and volunteers for helping create and sustain our programs and services and thanks you, the user, for making our work worthwhile.

Animal Help Now also thanks the countless and often unheralded individuals who devote their time and often their lives to helping our animal friends. You make this world a better place!

Animal Help Now hopes that its work somehow reflects the respect, love, admiration and gratitude we have for the other species with whom we share this planet, who suffer so dearly at human hands.

Animal Help Now
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Boulder, CO 80302